4 Reasons a Snowmobile Tour Is the Best Weekend Getaway

There are hundreds of miles of winter recreation trails in the Sierra National Forest alone. 

Just imagine all the secret spots that are waiting to be explored on private properties throughout the California countryside. There’s no better way to explore stunning winter landscapes than speeding along on a snowmobile.

Read on to learn why a snowmobile tour is perfect for get-togethers: from families on their annual vacation to bachelorette parties.

1. Gets You off Well-Trod Trails

Snowmobiles are fast, powerful machines. They’ll get you over rugged terrain, through forest-edged trails, and up steep slopes with no sweat at all.

This means you can get to places you wouldn’t be able to when donning winter sports equipment like snowshoes, skis, or snowboards. And because you have to rug up on a snowmobile–with warm clothes, helmet, and gloves–you’ll arrive there much warmer and drier, too.

Choose your snowmobile rentals company carefully and you’re guaranteed to end up in some off-the-beaten-path locations. Look at photos of past tours, route maps, and customer reviews to get an idea of what you might experience.

2. Indulge Your Hobbies

If you have a hobby, like bird watching, photography, or hunting, tell your guide when you book your snowmobile experience.

Private ranches usually have thousands of acres of land with amazing wildlife and no shortage of places to enjoy the silence of nature. If your guide grew up in the area, they’ll know the best spots to take you to, whether it’s an Instagram-worthy vista or a quiet, ecologically abundant valley.

When you’re in the lodge, check with the staff for any guide books they might have on hand. Brush up on the local flora and fauna before you head out on your next snowmobile rides.

3. A Snowmobile Tour Is Fun for the Whole Family

The littlest ones in your family get crabby when cold and hungry. Teeny legs get tired quickly when skiing or snowboarding.

Snowmobile tours provide all the fun of gliding over the snow and all the beauty of a walk through the winter landscape without any of the hard work. The kids piggyback with you, so there’s no need to slow a tour down for them to keep up.

Young kids are welcome on most tours and teens over sixteen with a valid license can even drive themselves.

4. Stay and Play

Choose a tour provider with their own ranch and you’ll be able to get out of bed and right onto your snowmobile rental.

Most ranches are luxurious, with everything from glamping adventures to enjoying a good wine with your food in the saloon. Sit back and relax while your tour operator organizes the details of your snowmobile ride: the trails you’ll take, any extra gear you might need like a full-face helmet, and all the stops you’ll make along the way.

All you need to do is bundle everyone in the family up before you leave your cozy cabin.

A Knowledgable Guide Makes All the Difference

No matter the reasons to choose a snowmobile tour for your next winter vacation, it’s important to choose a tour provider with experience.

Explore! Sierra Touring Company knows the most exciting snowmobile ride trails, the most beautiful lookouts, and the most secluded spots. With an entire lifetime spent in the Sierra Mountains, founder Ken Smith knows the area inside and out.

Contact Explore! to book a once-in-a-lifetime snowmobile tour today.