6 Memorable Bachelor Party Ideas for the Outdoor-Loving Groom

Over 70 percent of men have bachelor parties and view them as one of the most exciting parts of getting married.

Throwing an enjoyable party might seem overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t need to be complicated…it should be exciting!

Do you have a bachelor party to plan? Does the groom love to spend time outdoors? Here are six fun bachelor party ideas to inspire you and help you throw the best party that you possibly can!

1) Go Classic: Fishing

Many people that enjoy spending time outside also like fishing. It’s a simple sport that anyone can learn and lends itself well to bonding with friends and enjoying fun snacks and refreshments.

To take fishing to the next level for a bachelor party, rent a nice boat for the day and have the groom’s favorite restaurant cater!

2) White Water Rafting

Another outdoor bachelor party idea is to go white water rafting.

This activity is well-suited for those with a more adventurous spirit but is doable for people with any skill level. This would surely be an unexpected activity for the party and can be followed up with a nice dinner or beer-tasting depending on the groom’s personality. 

3) Go Camping

Do you want to make a weekend out of the party? If so, one of the best bachelor party ideas is camping!

Camping can combine several outdoor activities all into one trip. Spend part of the day fishing, book a white water rafting spot, stargaze at night, or have a good old-fashioned day spent hanging around by the grill.

No matter what activities you choose to include, camping is the perfect way to spend a couple of days outdoors.

4) Snowmobile Tour

Does the groom love being outside, particularly when it’s snowy? What better activity could there be than a snowmobile tour? This is a unique activity that will lead to a day no one will ever forget.

Break out your snow pants, hats, and gloves and explore the land that can only be experienced by snowmobiles. 

5) Hit the Beach

If sitting in the sun and cooling off in the water is more the groom’s speed, consider spending the day at a beach. You can go somewhere local if possible, or make a road trip out of it!

Either way, bring plenty of cold drinks and consider buying a few beach games to really get the party started.

You can even rent bikes and ride along the shore taking in the views.

6) ATV Adventure Tour

Many people have never been on an ATV before. This makes taking an ATV adventure tour one of the best outdoor bachelor party ideas!

Everyone gets to choose if they want to drive themselves or ride along. 

You can bring your own booze, add on a barbecue dinner, or take part in other outdoor activities on the property. 

Bachelor Party Ideas—Get Outside

If you’re looking to impress a groom that loves the great outdoors, the best way is to plan an outdoor bachelor party. 

We mentioned six outdoor bachelor party ideas ranging from quick day trips to weekend getaways. Whether you’re lounging in the heat on the beach, whipping through the snow on a snowmobile, or roughing it camping, you will no doubt have a wonderful time.

If you’re looking to go on an adventure in California’s lost Sierra, contact us today and see how we can help you and your group to have an awesome time!