About Explore!

Why Adventure Outdoors?

Bonding with nature, and each other, with a healthy dose of open air adventure is crucial to living life to it’s fullest!

In the “screen-time” world we live, it is so important to put the phone down and “get outside”. Fresh air, exciting experiences, and adrenaline have been proven to boost moods, and stimulate productivity!

Throttle: “A device controlling the flow of fuel or power to an engine.”

Therapy:“Healing power or quality.”

Throttle Therapy:“The healing quality of controlling the flow of power to an engine!”

Our purpose:
To provide our customers a personal experience that is refreshingly real, one that jerks them out of the daily grind, and plunges them directly into a big pile of fun!

Our values:
• Honesty and integrity to ourselves and others.
• Intense pride in who we are and what we give.
• Always giving more than we receive.
• Consistently creating a culture of fun and professionalism.
• Our customers are our family.
• Our work environment is a reflection of our values; clean and orderly.

Our daily reminder:
• If you are not striving to be the best at something, why are you doing it? Just to be so-so?

Our Diamond S. Ranch is located in the beautiful Lost Sierra. We are California’s only mountainside dedicated to thrilling adventure tours for corporate outings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, family gatherings, and kick a** group excursions! The barn located on the Ranch is a unique collection of paraphernalia, and is now recognized as a “Sierra Valley History Museum”.

27 miles of purpose-built trails offer spectacular views of the breathtaking Sierra Valley.

The Ranch offers visitors a place to camp, have a wedding, or reception, large gathering meeting spaces, and home to amazing Santa Maria style tri-tip BBQ meals!

Meet Ken Smith

Founder of Explore!, Father, Grandpa, Adventurer, and “Forever Young”! Ken Smith started the Touring company on a dream…

Meet Ken Smith of Explore Sierra Touring Company


Better than a shrink

Ken Smith and Kathy Smith


Don't do it!

Ken Smith is the President of Explore Sierra Touring Company


Growing up is optional!


And watched someone fish on TV today! NOT!

Read All About How This Crazy Tour Business Got Started!

From a dream…to reality…we are having fun one day at a time.

You Just Never Know Who Will Show Up!

Large film crews have contacted our organization within the last few years. It is a dream! The more people we can share this beautiful land with…we will. Visit California Olympic gold medal skier, Johnny Moseley (and his crew), came in February 2019 to film for their next project! What an honor! They are a nonprofit organization with a mission to develop and maintain marketing programs that inspire travel to California.

“When great opportunities present themselves, and you have the chance to meet great people, trying to make the world a better place…you help! We see wildlife everyday, breath unpolluted air, and sometimes experience things that just make you stop and take a deep breath. I love this life. This is what I was meant to do. If you, or anyone you know, would like to come and experience the land, and help expose it to others who need a “screen-time” break, let me know…I am ready to help!” – Ken Smith

We Are Honored To Be Featured In American Snowmobiler Magazine!

“Riding The High Life”, written by Mike Carr, was the first story about our snowmobile business! The article helped cememt our footprint in the snow tour arena, and we have not looked back. We now have over 35 snowmobiles in our fleet!

A Refreshingly Real Experience!


A Venue That Will Take Your Breath Away!


They Thoroughly Enjoyed Their Corporate Retreat!


Off the phone, and out on the roads...let's do this!


There Is Nothing Better Than ATV Family Bonding!


We are happy to receive high accolades year after year from our riders. We are so proud to have been voted a Top Adventure Tour in Northern California! Through humble beginnings, we are blessed to have hosted so many amazing companies on our tours. Thank you to all who have helped us grow!


In the last few years, our adventurers have enjoyed exploring the 1500 acres of land on our property! We have miles and miles of trails that have amazing wildlife, endless areas to enjoy the silence and take in what nature has to offer. If you are ready…we are too!


Our logo was hand-drawn by our Founder, Ken Smith! When we were starting the company, we looked around and saw we had an old skull laying around on the property. Perfect! When we started putting it on sweatshirts and hats…others wanted in! Now shop a full line of our gear!


From ATV Tours to Snowmobile tours, we are always look for what is next! We love hosting birthday party bashes, wedding parties, receptions, and more. We have recently gotten into huge camping trips, and we have also starting renting the Ranch for corporate retreats! Just ask…we can make it happen.


Having a birthday? Celebrate with us! The Diamond S Ranch is ready for your bash. We have enough space for camping, your favorite band(s), a full Caterer’s kitchen inside the Ranch’s barn, and access to our very own “Itchy Back Saloon”! BYOB – let’s party!


Halfway through the ride (if you want to), you can stop and do some trap shooting! We made a trap range with 3 stations, and we can now handle a group of 40 pretty easily! Each rider gets to shoot approx. 50 rounds each, and is a favorite among our father/son bonding trips, bachelor parties, and corporate retreats. Also, seems to be really popular with recently divorced women [excellent anger management tool!]! “Take that you S.O.B….BLAM!”

The Adventure Is Ready When You Are! Pick your adrenaline...Snowmobiles, or ATVs!

What Amazing Clients We Have Had On Tour!

When we built out the Diamond S Ranch, we hoped to share it with folks from across the country!