Exploring Nature: 5 Senior Outdoor Activities

Did you know that people aged over 65 are the most sedentary of all age groups? Of course, there are a lot of reasons for this. As you get older, you might find getting up and out simply becomes physically harder. But that doesn’t make it impossible!

While you might not be able to go for a lengthy run or a 5-mile bike ride, there are still plenty of outdoor activities that are perfect as you get older. Just make sure you choose something that’s going to work for your body.

Find out more with our guide to senior outdoor activities.

1. Go For a Picnic

When it comes to outdoor activities for seniors in nursing homes or living alone, picnics are brilliant. They’re a great way to get outdoors without overdoing it and can be a lovely social event too. Be sure to check out some outdoor games for senior citizens to turn your picnic into a party!

2. Get Outside & Take A Tour

If you’d love to spend more time doing outdoor activities for adults but you’re not so steady on your feet anymore, what about a driven tour? There are tons that can get you outside, from open-top bus tours around cities to amazing senior snowmobile tours that are certain to get the blood pumping! They’re a great way to get some fresh air and do something different with your day while not being too physically demanding.

3. Start Gardening

When the weathers a little warmer, take advantage of your garden if you have one by starting a little gardening. This is a great activity that’s kind to the body, and you can make your gardening days as gentle as you like. If you have limited mobility, be sure to call in some assistance from friends or family to help make the task a little easier and a lot more fun.

4. Join in on a Fishing Trip

Fishing is a lovely way to get outside and enjoy some sunshine. If you don’t think you can control the boat yourself, bring along some family or friends who can and make a fun, social day out of it. You could also see if there are any local fishing groups in your local area that you can join, helping you keep up a vibrant social life.

5. Try Swimming

One of the best outdoor and indoor activities for seniors is swimming. Whether going to the local outdoor swimming pool or heading to your local indoor pool on a rainy day, it’s a great way to keep your body moving that’s less demanding on your joints. Swimming is a low-impact sport that you can take at your own speed, and can even help improve mobility!

Find More Senior Outdoor Activities

Once you start looking for senior outdoor activities, you’ll see there are actually a lot of options! For more inspiration, be sure to check out our snowmobile and ATV adventure tours that aren’t physically demanding. If you’re looking for special-occasion outdoor activities for residents or for yourself, these seated tours are the perfect idea.

The Beginner’s Guide to Your First Snowmobile Adventure

Winter vacations are all about relaxing with your family. The crowded resorts right around Lake Tahoe don’t offer much privacy for relaxation. For mountain fun with no crowds, look north toward the Plumas National Forest area.

The best way to explore the forest during winter is by snowmobile. Anyone over 16 with a license can operate a snowmobile. Your older teenagers will learn to love the outdoors during their snowmobile adventure.

There are a few key things to learn before going on a snowmobile tour. This short guide lays out what you need to know before starting your first snowmobile.

How to Stay Comfortable on Your Snowmobile Adventure 

The area north of Tahoe stays cold for six months with an average of 20 inches of snow. That’s tons of time for your family to venture out into the forest for an adventure.

To stay warm, you need to pick the right clothes for your snowmobile tour. Look for windproof clothing that traps a pocket of air against your body. Don’t forget a hat, gloves, and waterproof boots to keep the snow off your skin.

Other items you should pack:

  • Water and calorie-heavy snacks
  • A basic first-aid kit
  • Ski goggles
  • Whistle for emergencies
  • Space blanket
  • Duct tape

If you forget anything important, ask your tour guide for help. It’s important that you’re dressed right to avoid frostbite.

Learning How to Operate a Snowmobile

If you don’t know how to use a snowmobile, go on a tour as your first adventure. The tour guides are experts on safely operating snowmobiles. Most tours start in an open area so new drivers can practice without any hazards.

There’s not a steep learning curve to operating a snowmobile. If you know how to drive a car, you can figure out the basics with a little guidance.

Should You Join a Snowmobile Tour?

A downside to traveling with your snowmobiles is finding parking for the towing rig. There’s no guarantee that the hotel or B&B you’re staying at has enough parking. You also need to consider the danger of traveling to new places in the snow with a trailer.

Tour companies maintain fleets of newer generation snowmobiles. You won’t need to worry about gassing up before you hit the trails. 

Local snowmobile tour companies maintain miles of manicured snow trails. Their hard work ensures there are no surprises on the trail like rocks. 

Ready to Book Your Snowmobile Adventure?

Don’t hide from winter weather; embrace it and go on a snowmobile adventure. There’s no better way to explore the lush forests in Northern California.

Explore! Sierra Touring Company offers 2 or 3-hour snowmobile tours. Bring the family or your friends for a weekend getaway in the forest. Children may ride with licensed adults so everyone can enjoy the tour.

If you don’t think you’re prepared for the cold, that’s okay. We offer affordable gear rentals for snowmobile riders of every size.

Contact Explore! today to book your snowmobile adventure. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have about the tours.

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork: The Best Outdoor Adventure Activities for Corporate Bonding

Is your team unmotivated and in need of some corporate bonding?

Teams that get along with each other are often the ones that achieve the most. Therefore, having a trustworthy team who look out for each other is key for a successful business.

This is why you definitely should be investing in a great team bonding session.

Being able to let people step out of office mode and showcase their personality is great for morale. You need something exciting that they can look forward to.

In this article, we’ll share some of the best team bonding activities we have to offer.

Read on for more corporate bonding ideas.

Book an Exciting Snowmobile Tour

When you think of team bonding exercises, it’s unlikely a snowmobile tour is first on your list. Yet, a snowmobile trip for corporate bonding is a fantastic team-bonding activity and something none of you will ever forget.

You’ll be guided through some of the most stunning places nature has to offer. You’ll see and experience things together that you wouldn’t be able to on foot.

Plus, the views are simply out of this world.

You and your team will be lead by an experienced guide for several hours. You’ll be able to have fun and let loose as you explore the beautiful wilderness together.

This is something you and your team will be talking about for a very long time.

Try an ATV Trail Ride

Perhaps being in the cold for several hours isn’t for you and your team.

So what about an ATV trail ride over an impressive 27-mile route?

This is definitely something to do if you fancy an adrenaline-fuelled day. This is where you and your team can really let loose and get rid of that built-up stress.

The huge trail includes a purpose-built motocross track that consists of many twists and turns. This is where the competitive ones amongst you can really hit the gas and test the ATVs to the limit.

Whilst out on the ride, you’ll also experience the stunning scenery and may even spot a bear or deer hiding out.

Add a Trap Shoot to Your ATV Trail Ride

If you want to have even more fun, then why not book a trap shoot too? It’s the only trap shoot range in Northern California, and your team will love it.

We supply the guns, ammo, and safety gear, so you don’t have to worry.

You’ll be able to take a break from the ATVs and get to know each other a bit more at a slower pace. What’s not to love?

Corporate Bonding Activities You Need to Try

We hope you have enjoyed reading our guide on corporate bonding activities.

As you can see, we offer incredible activities that you won’t be able to book anywhere else. There’s something for everyone, and each person will have a great time.

If you would like more information, feel free to contact us.

3 Reasons Why an ATV Tour Is Fun for the Whole Family

Almost 40 million Americans go camping every year. And we don’t blame them! You’re out in the wild, sleeping under canvas, and roasting marshmallows on the campfire. It’s good old-fashioned family fun. But let’s face it, camping can get a bit tiresome when you’ve done it a thousand times before. Have you ever found yourself yearning for more adrenaline-fuelled action on your next family trip to the great outdoors? Well, an action-packed ATV tour would be the perfect alternative!

Intrigued? Read on for 3 top reasons why your family would love our all-terrain vehicle tours.

1. You’re In Nature (With a Twist)

Our ATV tours offer all the usual benefits of an excursion into the great outdoors:

You put your mobiles down, disconnect from the web, and spend some much-needed family time together in nature. Surrounded by stunning landscapes and wonderful wildlife, you’ll feel replenished, relaxed, and revitalized.

And then you strap on a helmet, saddle up on all-terrain vehicles, and pelt across that beautiful land at high velocity! You’re out in nature, but with an exhilarating and unforgettable twist.

2. It’s Awesome Bonding Time

Many families go on our ATV tours for some quality bonding time too. With busy lives and schedules, there’s nothing better than coming out into nature for a fun-filled few days together.

Unlike other family outings, though, this isn’t one you’ll have to persuade your kids to come on! After all, nothing says ‘cool parents’ like a day spent rocketing around on an ATV. No matter their age, your children will love exploring the outdoors at high speed, bumping around over wild terrain, and feeling the freedom of driving their own vehicle.

3. It’s Safer Than Most People Think

Some parents balk at the idea of letting their kids loose on an ATV. And, even though we know that ATVs are far safer than many people think, we fully understand the concern.

That’s why we train everybody who comes on our tours how to a) operate their ATV properly and b) stay safe in the process.

We make sure that everybody feels safe, comfortable, and ready to ride before they set out onto the trail. That means you can settle back and relax while your kids have the time of their life! And, if you still feel concerned, then anybody on the outing can take the passenger seat while we do the driving instead.

Time to Go on a Family ATV Tour

Anybody tired of their usual family camping trip should think hard about booking an ATV tour instead. As we’ve seen, these tours offer a unique experience with a host of benefits you just don’t get on other types of outing!

We hope this post has highlighted a few of the main ways you and your family stand to gain. If you want fun, thrills, and more than a little excitement in the great outdoors, then this is the trip for you.

Ready to have an ATV adventure with your family? Contact us today to see how we can help.

4 Reasons a Snowmobile Tour Is the Best Weekend Getaway

There are hundreds of miles of winter recreation trails in the Sierra National Forest alone. 

Just imagine all the secret spots that are waiting to be explored on private properties throughout the California countryside. There’s no better way to explore stunning winter landscapes than speeding along on a snowmobile.

Read on to learn why a snowmobile tour is perfect for get-togethers: from families on their annual vacation to bachelorette parties.

1. Gets You off Well-Trod Trails

Snowmobiles are fast, powerful machines. They’ll get you over rugged terrain, through forest-edged trails, and up steep slopes with no sweat at all.

This means you can get to places you wouldn’t be able to when donning winter sports equipment like snowshoes, skis, or snowboards. And because you have to rug up on a snowmobile–with warm clothes, helmet, and gloves–you’ll arrive there much warmer and drier, too.

Choose your snowmobile rentals company carefully and you’re guaranteed to end up in some off-the-beaten-path locations. Look at photos of past tours, route maps, and customer reviews to get an idea of what you might experience.

2. Indulge Your Hobbies

If you have a hobby, like bird watching, photography, or hunting, tell your guide when you book your snowmobile experience.

Private ranches usually have thousands of acres of land with amazing wildlife and no shortage of places to enjoy the silence of nature. If your guide grew up in the area, they’ll know the best spots to take you to, whether it’s an Instagram-worthy vista or a quiet, ecologically abundant valley.

When you’re in the lodge, check with the staff for any guide books they might have on hand. Brush up on the local flora and fauna before you head out on your next snowmobile rides.

3. A Snowmobile Tour Is Fun for the Whole Family

The littlest ones in your family get crabby when cold and hungry. Teeny legs get tired quickly when skiing or snowboarding.

Snowmobile tours provide all the fun of gliding over the snow and all the beauty of a walk through the winter landscape without any of the hard work. The kids piggyback with you, so there’s no need to slow a tour down for them to keep up.

Young kids are welcome on most tours and teens over sixteen with a valid license can even drive themselves.

4. Stay and Play

Choose a tour provider with their own ranch and you’ll be able to get out of bed and right onto your snowmobile rental.

Most ranches are luxurious, with everything from glamping adventures to enjoying a good wine with your food in the saloon. Sit back and relax while your tour operator organizes the details of your snowmobile ride: the trails you’ll take, any extra gear you might need like a full-face helmet, and all the stops you’ll make along the way.

All you need to do is bundle everyone in the family up before you leave your cozy cabin.

A Knowledgable Guide Makes All the Difference

No matter the reasons to choose a snowmobile tour for your next winter vacation, it’s important to choose a tour provider with experience.

Explore! Sierra Touring Company knows the most exciting snowmobile ride trails, the most beautiful lookouts, and the most secluded spots. With an entire lifetime spent in the Sierra Mountains, founder Ken Smith knows the area inside and out.

Contact Explore! to book a once-in-a-lifetime snowmobile tour today.

5 Snowmobile Safety Tips Every Beginner Needs to Know

Can you imagine anything more fun to do in winter than exploring the snowy lakes, trails, and countryside of California on your very own snowmobile?

It’s a huge adrenaline rush and one of the most memorable winter experiences you can have, but it needs to be done safely.

Snowmobiling isn’t without risks, but you can minimize them by following a few simple safety precautions. To learn more, keep reading for our top five snowmobile safety tips that will keep you safe out on the trails.

1. Snowmobile Safety Starts with Appropriate Gear

You need the right clothing and gear to stay safe and warm, as snowmobiling is a cold activity!

If you’re wondering what to wear snowmobiling, you’ll need a full-face helmet, snowmobile suit, gloves, boots, and a warm hat. It’s recommended you dress in warm, polyester layers, as they can help wick away moisture from your skin.

2. Stay Aware of Your Surroundings

Snowmobiling safety means always keeping your eyes on the road. Be on the lookout for branches, potholes, skiers, animals, or other debris that could cause an accident.

By constantly looking ahead, you avoid obstacles that could lead to accidents.

3. Don’t Go Alone

Snowmobiling should never be done alone, as you need support in case of an accident or malfunction.

The best way to try it out is with snowmobile tours, as it lets you experience the fun of snowmobiling with the safety of a trained guide. It’s a great option for snowmobiles for beginners, as a full briefing on how to drive and operate is included before you set off.

4. Follow the Weather Conditions Closely

Weather conditions can change quickly in the snow, so riders should always be aware of the forecast and conditions.

Check the weather right before heading out, and head back if heavy snowfalls or wind come in. Riding in white-out conditions is dangerous and an easy way to get lost.

5. Stay on Marked Trails

If you’re wondering how to drive a snowmobile safely, the easiest answer is to always stay on marked trails.

Trails are groomed so that they’re smooth and debris have been removed, making them the safest place to ride. Trails can also run through private land, so going off the trail into private property isn’t allowed.

Always follow the signposts when it comes to speeds and right of way as well. Also, follow the snowmobiling state laws in the state in which you’re riding. 

Contact Us to Book a Snowmobiling Adventure

Now that you know more about snowmobile safety tips, are you ready to book an epic adventure in the snow?

If so, Explore! Sierra Touring Company is here to help. We offer two or three-hour tours, departing from J&J’s Grizzly Store in Portola, CA. Clothing rental is available and the tours are a lot of fun for both beginners and expert riders.

To book in your next snowmobiling tour, contact us today. We are also glad to answer any of your questions and we look forward to taking you out through the snow!

Your ATV Safety Guide for Beginners

Are you psyched to rip through some paths on four wheels just for the thrill? Or interested in making your hunting outing more efficient and exhilarating? 

An ATV (all-terrain vehicle) trip is just what you need. But if you’re new to the game, what’s most important is maintaining proper ATV safety. 

Here you can find the top three things you should keep in mind before you hop on the ATV and start your adventure. It certainly would not be fun to wind up bloody and bruised after your first trip!

1. Protect Your Noggin

It may seem silly or old, but it’s important to wear a helmet whenever you’re on an ATV (or skateboard, bike, rollerblades, etc.) 

Protecting your head is one of, if not the most, important element of ATV safety. A helmet has been proven to protect your brain from significant damage in collisions, which are more than likely if it’s your first time riding an ATV. 

Make sure you equip yourself properly by wearing one as well as wearing the right kind. A bicycle helmet won’t cut it here! 

Motorsports helmets are the proper type of headgear needed for ATV adventures. 

2. Get Prepped Properly

Another key part of proper ATV safety is getting properly prepared. 

More often than not, wherever you decide to hop on an ATV you’ll first need to take a training course. Sometimes this will mean paying an extra fee to take the course and other times wherever you go has a training course included. 

Most training classes are provided by the ATV Safety Institute or the National 4-H Council if you’re searching for one.

During these courses, you’ll normally get some hands-on experience as well as crucial protective gear tips. That’s why it’s especially important to go through some training before your first real trip. 

3. Be a Lone Rider

Finally, it’s important to only take the correct number of people on a given ATV unit. 

Most ATVs are only built to adequately and safely support one person at a time. Taking any more than the proper number creates a huge safety hazard because of the nature of ATV riding. 

Someone could easily fall, hurt their leg, or get some serious whiplash depending on what you’re doing. Respecting the limit on how many people can be on an ATV is the best way to avoid these types of situations. 

Besides, it’s more fun when you only have to worry about yourself! 

ATV Safety First!

Now you’ve got the top three most important ATV safety tips. If you’re embarking on an adventure soon, make sure you make a mental note of these three practices!

Of course, there are more things you ought to keep in mind, but most of them you’ll learn in a safety course, so what are you waiting for? Find one today!

If you’re ready to take a step into the wild, let us guide you! We offer ATV tours that are guaranteed to provide you with some serious throttle therapy. 

Get ready to have some fun and contact us today!

What to Expect When Exploring the Lost Sierra

Looking to get lost somewhere amazing? If you want to escape the lights of the city and the impersonal connection on screens, then you’re in for a treat. The Lost Sierra (Sierra Nevadas) is in California’s Plumas County, and is a paradise of peaks and lakes that is sure to take the breath away from anyone who sets eyes on it.

For the outdoor adventurer, it has hundreds of miles of trails that offer a great way to get around and explore the various features. No matter how you prefer to get around, whether it’s on land or by water, the Lost Sierra has something for everyone.

Read on to learn more about what you can expect from this scenic wonderland.

Lots of Lakes to Explore

The Lost Sierra is within the Lakes Basin Recreation Area, which boasts more than 50 lakes that have been carved by glaciers.

In order to get to this region, it’s a relatively short 15-mile drive along the Gold Lake Highway. Once you get there, you can decide to rent a boat for a closer look at the water (or you can swim or waterski), and even try ice fishing on Gold Lake if it’s cold enough.

You can also follow Frazier Falls Trail if you’re looking to take in the view of a waterfall. The approximately 1-mile trail to get there is suitable for all fitness levels. Upper Sardine Lake is another trail destination you might want to consider if you have kids in tow.

Trails and More Trails

The Lost Sierra has a vast network of trails, including one at Mt. Elwell that is rated one of the best routes in the world for mountain biking.

The Lost Sierra is also a great option for those looking for a motorized adventure. Book an ATV trail tour and feel the thrill of the throttle at the same time!

Experience the Peaks

The main feature of the Lost Sierra is the Sierra Buttes, which boasts a peak that rises more than 8,500 feet in elevation—the highest in the region.

While you can make a day of hiking along a trail, you’ll also find a decommissioned fire lookout tower built in 1915 along the way to add to the magic. You can even climb the 150-feet or so up the tower to get an even better 360-degree view of your surroundings.

The walk to the tower is about five miles there and back (not including the 178-steps to the lookout), so bring lots of water and the right adventure gear!

Find Yourself in the Lost Sierra

Whether you’re looking for a hike or ride along a scenic trail or a swim in a beautiful lake, the Lost Sierra has plenty to offer adventurers.

You can also decide to ascend to new heights to take in a beautiful panoramic view of your surroundings!

To find out more about planning a visit to the area, contact us today to inquire about tour availability.

The Top 5 Absolute Best ATV Trails in the US

Are you looking to embark on the road less traveled? With almost 3.8 million square miles of the most varied terrain on the planet, its no surprise that the US is home to some of the world’s most epic ATV trails.

Let’s zoom in on 5 of the best.

The Paiute ATV Trails, Utah

The Paiute ATV trails of south-central Utah form the largest trail system in the whole of the USA

Over 1000 miles of trails make up the Paiute ATV trails. The main trail is a whopping 238 miles long.

You will pass through a number of towns along the way, where you can indulge in a sit-down meal and a night in a hotel if you need To fully recharge your batteries.

Due to the vast differences in terrain, some of the trails close seasonally, so be sure to check ahead. And be sure to pack for the weather!

Ocala National Forest, Florida

The Ocala National Forest, located in central Florida, just north of Orlando, offers some of the most picturesque ATV trails in the US.

With over 200 miles of ATV trails, the Ocala National Forest is open all year round.

With 600 lakes, springs, and rivers where you can stop and take a swim, Ocala National Forest is home to abundant wildlife and unique animal habitats that you won’t see anywhere else.

Ride Royal Blue Resort, Tennessee

200,000 acres and 600 miles of trails, and its all privately owned! Located in the east of Tennessee, the trails of the Ride Royal Blue Resort are open all year round.

The difficulty of the trails here ranges from leisurely to some of the most technically challenging trails across the whole of the US

No matter what your reason for riding, the Ride Royal Blue Resort caters for everyone.

The Lost Sierra, California

Located in the north of the Golden State, The Lost Sierra contains wagon trail created by settlers in the 1800s, and acres of gorgeous mountainsides.

The trails are generally open all year round but occasionally close after notable rainfall to allow for the trails to dry.

The trails take you through acres of pine forests to breathtaking mountain vistas.

Maine’s Trail Systems

The US’s northeasternmost state is an ATV’ers dream come true.

Already home to over 6,000 miles of ATV trails, Maine’s trail system is still growing.

Trails range from pine groves to vast open plains. Rugged mountain paths to speed tracks.

The land belongs to different private landowners so it’s important to check which trails are open and when.

Maine is a super ATV friendly state. There are a number of lodges throughout the state, and a large number of them offer ATV rentals.

Time to Hit the Trail

America is home to countless ATV trails. Hopefully, these five ATV trails will help you get started no matter your riding ability.

Don’t forget to check each trail’s requirements before setting off, and always respect the environment.

Ready to hit the trail? Book your tour today!

Quick Guide to Corporate Team Bonding Activities for the Adventurous

Are you looking for corporate team bonding activities? Start here first. 

In The United States, there were over 5.9 million businesses in 2017. With so many offices out there, it’s challenging to think of unique and exciting opportunities for your team.

For corporate offices looking for the best, here is a quick guide to corporate team bonding activities for the adventurous. 

Read on to learn more.

Try an ATV Tour

There is no better team bonding activity than experiencing the great outdoors on an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). It will create and foster an unforgettable bond between you and your team members.

Navigating nature in an ATV will help develop team-building skills such as:

  • Confidence
  • Flexibility
  • Meditation
  • Problem-solving

The trails on an ATV tour look different with every trip. Driving an ATV provides you and your team members to learn adaptability, while surrounded by stunning natural landscapes. 

Keep your employees free of stress as you work together and build a creative atmosphere. Watch as the paradigm shifts from the individual to the team.

Navigate dozens of twists and turns and through thick brush. Learn active listening skills as your guide leads you through the tumble.

Should you have a second person on the ATV with you, this will provide even more opportunity for critical thinking and decision making, all while surrounded by jaw-dropping views.

Keep your eyes peeled, and you may see wildlife such as:

  • California mule deer
  • Columbian black-tailed deer
  • California black bears
  • Northwestern black bears

Consider adding an outdoor trap shooting challenge to your ATV tour. This will further encourage your corporate team to work together and celebrate together as you blast away at moving clay targets. 

Remember you must be at least sixteen years old with a valid driver’s license to drive an ATV!

Give Snowmobile Tours a Try

Change up the traditional corporate team building a give snowmobile tours a try. Build morale and create an unbreakable bond in the heart of the wilderness. Overcome extraordinary challenge while piloting through blankets of snow.

This wild ride will create trust amongst your team and empower open and effective communication. Accomplish a common goal and purpose as your race to the end of the trail. 

As one of the most adventurous team building activities, employees are sure to develop strengths and address weaknesses. This environment fuels effective communication and encourages collaboration over competition.

Your office is sure to learn essential skills like:

  • Achievement
  • Conflict resolution
  • Communication

A snowmobile tour will create elation and joy that your employees are sure to carry back to the office. 

Corporate Team Bonding Activities

Corporate team bonding activities don’t have to be predictable. Look for unique and adventurous team building ideas. Remember to plan early on and communicate effectively with your team members so everyone can be involved.

What are you waiting for? Your retreat awaits!

Want to see more posts like this one? Check out the rest of our blog to learn more!