Benefits of Going Outside: Plan an Outdoor Adventure!

Over 40% of Americans are vitamin D deficient. The best all-natural way to get your daily recommended allotment of vitamin D is to spend time outdoors. Getting healthy vitamins is only one of the many benefits of going outside.

Spending time in the great outdoors reduces stress levels, improves your physical fitness, and helps your mental health. If you are looking for some reasons to go outside these are some great ones to start with.

The best way to start enriching your life is to plan some outdoor adventures. This guide will inspire you with some outdoor adventure ideas and let you know some of the mental and physical health benefits of going outside.

Physical Benefits of Going Outside

The average American spends 90% of their time inside. This explains why America has such high levels of obesity, cardiovascular health issues, and respiratory ailments. Indoor air quality is often more toxic than air outdoors.

The following are some physical benefits of going outside that you can enjoy. They will give you all the reasons you need to get out there.

Increased Fitness

It is hard to get a good workout inside. Going for long runs or hikes outdoors can increase your fitness. Natural elements like the sun and fresh air are also great for your physical constitution.

Better Respiratory Health

If you sit inside all day breathing poor air quality, your respiratory tract will suffer. Get some fresh air into your lungs to improve your overall respiratory health.

Improved Coordination

If you spend time in the natural world doing an activity such as trail riding you will improve your coordination. Reacting to a natural stimulus at a fast pace is the best way to improve the relationship between your mind and body.

Mental Benefits of Going Outside

Nowadays preserving and improving mental health is more important than ever. Going outside improves your mental health in a variety of ways. First of all outdoor activities are fun and participation will boost your serotonin levels.

Spending adequate time outdoors reduces stress and alleviates symptoms of depression by giving you something positive to focus on. Communing with nature also gives you a sense of purpose.

Things to Do Outside

It is clear that spending time outside benefits your physical and mental health. However, figuring out what to do while you are outside can be overwhelming. Here are some examples of some fun outdoor adventures.

Go On a Hiking Trip

A hike or a prolonged hiking trip can be a great way to spend large amounts of time outdoors. Try camping out as well for the ultimate immersive experience. 

Go On a Power Sports Adventure

Riding ATVs, taking a motorcycle tour, or exploring wild terrain on a snowmobile can be excellent ways to soak up the outdoor environment. Pick your favorite power sport and head out there for an adventure.

Play a Sport

Most sports are played outdoors. You can choose a team sport such as soccer, football, or basketball, or individual sports such as skateboarding or rollerblading. Some sports can be done with or without people like climbing.

Follow Your Spirit of Adventure

Sitting around inside all day is not healthy or fun. You should take to the great outdoors and enjoy all the freedom that this world has to offer. That way you can attain all of the benefits of going outside.

If you want the ultimate outdoor experience contact us today. We can turn your outdoor dreams into unforgettable memories. If you need an outdoor adventure we can make it happen for you.