Exploring Nature: 5 Senior Outdoor Activities

Did you know that people aged over 65 are the most sedentary of all age groups? Of course, there are a lot of reasons for this. As you get older, you might find getting up and out simply becomes physically harder. But that doesn’t make it impossible!

While you might not be able to go for a lengthy run or a 5-mile bike ride, there are still plenty of outdoor activities that are perfect as you get older. Just make sure you choose something that’s going to work for your body.

Find out more with our guide to senior outdoor activities.

1. Go For a Picnic

When it comes to outdoor activities for seniors in nursing homes or living alone, picnics are brilliant. They’re a great way to get outdoors without overdoing it and can be a lovely social event too. Be sure to check out some outdoor games for senior citizens to turn your picnic into a party!

2. Get Outside & Take A Tour

If you’d love to spend more time doing outdoor activities for adults but you’re not so steady on your feet anymore, what about a driven tour? There are tons that can get you outside, from open-top bus tours around cities to amazing senior snowmobile tours that are certain to get the blood pumping! They’re a great way to get some fresh air and do something different with your day while not being too physically demanding.

3. Start Gardening

When the weathers a little warmer, take advantage of your garden if you have one by starting a little gardening. This is a great activity that’s kind to the body, and you can make your gardening days as gentle as you like. If you have limited mobility, be sure to call in some assistance from friends or family to help make the task a little easier and a lot more fun.

4. Join in on a Fishing Trip

Fishing is a lovely way to get outside and enjoy some sunshine. If you don’t think you can control the boat yourself, bring along some family or friends who can and make a fun, social day out of it. You could also see if there are any local fishing groups in your local area that you can join, helping you keep up a vibrant social life.

5. Try Swimming

One of the best outdoor and indoor activities for seniors is swimming. Whether going to the local outdoor swimming pool or heading to your local indoor pool on a rainy day, it’s a great way to keep your body moving that’s less demanding on your joints. Swimming is a low-impact sport that you can take at your own speed, and can even help improve mobility!

Find More Senior Outdoor Activities

Once you start looking for senior outdoor activities, you’ll see there are actually a lot of options! For more inspiration, be sure to check out our snowmobile and ATV adventure tours that aren’t physically demanding. If you’re looking for special-occasion outdoor activities for residents or for yourself, these seated tours are the perfect idea.

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork: The Best Outdoor Adventure Activities for Corporate Bonding

Is your team unmotivated and in need of some corporate bonding?

Teams that get along with each other are often the ones that achieve the most. Therefore, having a trustworthy team who look out for each other is key for a successful business.

This is why you definitely should be investing in a great team bonding session.

Being able to let people step out of office mode and showcase their personality is great for morale. You need something exciting that they can look forward to.

In this article, we’ll share some of the best team bonding activities we have to offer.

Read on for more corporate bonding ideas.

Book an Exciting Snowmobile Tour

When you think of team bonding exercises, it’s unlikely a snowmobile tour is first on your list. Yet, a snowmobile trip for corporate bonding is a fantastic team-bonding activity and something none of you will ever forget.

You’ll be guided through some of the most stunning places nature has to offer. You’ll see and experience things together that you wouldn’t be able to on foot.

Plus, the views are simply out of this world.

You and your team will be lead by an experienced guide for several hours. You’ll be able to have fun and let loose as you explore the beautiful wilderness together.

This is something you and your team will be talking about for a very long time.

Try an ATV Trail Ride

Perhaps being in the cold for several hours isn’t for you and your team.

So what about an ATV trail ride over an impressive 27-mile route?

This is definitely something to do if you fancy an adrenaline-fuelled day. This is where you and your team can really let loose and get rid of that built-up stress.

The huge trail includes a purpose-built motocross track that consists of many twists and turns. This is where the competitive ones amongst you can really hit the gas and test the ATVs to the limit.

Whilst out on the ride, you’ll also experience the stunning scenery and may even spot a bear or deer hiding out.

Add a Trap Shoot to Your ATV Trail Ride

If you want to have even more fun, then why not book a trap shoot too? It’s the only trap shoot range in Northern California, and your team will love it.

We supply the guns, ammo, and safety gear, so you don’t have to worry.

You’ll be able to take a break from the ATVs and get to know each other a bit more at a slower pace. What’s not to love?

Corporate Bonding Activities You Need to Try

We hope you have enjoyed reading our guide on corporate bonding activities.

As you can see, we offer incredible activities that you won’t be able to book anywhere else. There’s something for everyone, and each person will have a great time.

If you would like more information, feel free to contact us.

What to Expect When Exploring the Lost Sierra

Looking to get lost somewhere amazing? If you want to escape the lights of the city and the impersonal connection on screens, then you’re in for a treat. The Lost Sierra (Sierra Nevadas) is in California’s Plumas County, and is a paradise of peaks and lakes that is sure to take the breath away from anyone who sets eyes on it.

For the outdoor adventurer, it has hundreds of miles of trails that offer a great way to get around and explore the various features. No matter how you prefer to get around, whether it’s on land or by water, the Lost Sierra has something for everyone.

Read on to learn more about what you can expect from this scenic wonderland.

Lots of Lakes to Explore

The Lost Sierra is within the Lakes Basin Recreation Area, which boasts more than 50 lakes that have been carved by glaciers.

In order to get to this region, it’s a relatively short 15-mile drive along the Gold Lake Highway. Once you get there, you can decide to rent a boat for a closer look at the water (or you can swim or waterski), and even try ice fishing on Gold Lake if it’s cold enough.

You can also follow Frazier Falls Trail if you’re looking to take in the view of a waterfall. The approximately 1-mile trail to get there is suitable for all fitness levels. Upper Sardine Lake is another trail destination you might want to consider if you have kids in tow.

Trails and More Trails

The Lost Sierra has a vast network of trails, including one at Mt. Elwell that is rated one of the best routes in the world for mountain biking.

The Lost Sierra is also a great option for those looking for a motorized adventure. Book an ATV trail tour and feel the thrill of the throttle at the same time!

Experience the Peaks

The main feature of the Lost Sierra is the Sierra Buttes, which boasts a peak that rises more than 8,500 feet in elevation—the highest in the region.

While you can make a day of hiking along a trail, you’ll also find a decommissioned fire lookout tower built in 1915 along the way to add to the magic. You can even climb the 150-feet or so up the tower to get an even better 360-degree view of your surroundings.

The walk to the tower is about five miles there and back (not including the 178-steps to the lookout), so bring lots of water and the right adventure gear!

Find Yourself in the Lost Sierra

Whether you’re looking for a hike or ride along a scenic trail or a swim in a beautiful lake, the Lost Sierra has plenty to offer adventurers.

You can also decide to ascend to new heights to take in a beautiful panoramic view of your surroundings!

To find out more about planning a visit to the area, contact us today to inquire about tour availability.

Quick Guide to Corporate Team Bonding Activities for the Adventurous

Are you looking for corporate team bonding activities? Start here first. 

In The United States, there were over 5.9 million businesses in 2017. With so many offices out there, it’s challenging to think of unique and exciting opportunities for your team.

For corporate offices looking for the best, here is a quick guide to corporate team bonding activities for the adventurous. 

Read on to learn more.

Try an ATV Tour

There is no better team bonding activity than experiencing the great outdoors on an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). It will create and foster an unforgettable bond between you and your team members.

Navigating nature in an ATV will help develop team-building skills such as:

  • Confidence
  • Flexibility
  • Meditation
  • Problem-solving

The trails on an ATV tour look different with every trip. Driving an ATV provides you and your team members to learn adaptability, while surrounded by stunning natural landscapes. 

Keep your employees free of stress as you work together and build a creative atmosphere. Watch as the paradigm shifts from the individual to the team.

Navigate dozens of twists and turns and through thick brush. Learn active listening skills as your guide leads you through the tumble.

Should you have a second person on the ATV with you, this will provide even more opportunity for critical thinking and decision making, all while surrounded by jaw-dropping views.

Keep your eyes peeled, and you may see wildlife such as:

  • California mule deer
  • Columbian black-tailed deer
  • California black bears
  • Northwestern black bears

Consider adding an outdoor trap shooting challenge to your ATV tour. This will further encourage your corporate team to work together and celebrate together as you blast away at moving clay targets. 

Remember you must be at least sixteen years old with a valid driver’s license to drive an ATV!

Give Snowmobile Tours a Try

Change up the traditional corporate team building a give snowmobile tours a try. Build morale and create an unbreakable bond in the heart of the wilderness. Overcome extraordinary challenge while piloting through blankets of snow.

This wild ride will create trust amongst your team and empower open and effective communication. Accomplish a common goal and purpose as your race to the end of the trail. 

As one of the most adventurous team building activities, employees are sure to develop strengths and address weaknesses. This environment fuels effective communication and encourages collaboration over competition.

Your office is sure to learn essential skills like:

  • Achievement
  • Conflict resolution
  • Communication

A snowmobile tour will create elation and joy that your employees are sure to carry back to the office. 

Corporate Team Bonding Activities

Corporate team bonding activities don’t have to be predictable. Look for unique and adventurous team building ideas. Remember to plan early on and communicate effectively with your team members so everyone can be involved.

What are you waiting for? Your retreat awaits!

Want to see more posts like this one? Check out the rest of our blog to learn more!

Great Tips for Finding Deals on Outdoor Adventure Gear Online

Did you know that hiking is the fourth-most popular outdoor activity in the US? Almost 45 million people hit the trails in 2017, which is up over 10 million since 2006.

Preceding hiking, you’ll find running, fishing, and biking—all fun-packed activities we Americans love to participate in.

It’s safe to say that being outdoors is gaining in popularity, and there are several reasons why. Not only is it healthy for us—mentally, physically, emotionally—but it’s exciting. You never know what you’ll find around the next bend, or what wildlife you may encounter.

Having proper outdoor adventure gear is a must for staying safe while enjoying yourself in Mother Nature. But sometimes, especially if you’re buying for the whole family, the cost can feel overwhelming.

Here, we outline how to find great deals online so that you can spend less time shopping and more time adventuring. Let’s go!

Subscribe to Newsletters

Have you ever gone to a website for the first time and noticed a pop-up advertising a discount?

Businesses often have deals, discounts, and specials running, but you may not know about them if you don’t visit their site regularly. By subscribing to a company’s newsletter, you’ll be the first to hear about these deals. They’ll send notices straight to your inbox, inviting you to shop at special rates.

Shop During Out-Of-Season Times

When the weather outside is lovely, everyone’s going to be encouraged to spend time outdoors. Everyone and their mother will be online, shopping for the latest outdoor adventure gear.

This is perhaps the least affordable time to consider adding to your outdoor inventory. Instead of shopping during peak times, try to buy during the off-season and hang on to your gear.

For example, if you want to go hiking during the warmer spring and summer months, buy your gear the winter beforehand when everyone’s purchasing down jackets and snowboards. If you’re going skiing this winter, start shopping when it’s warm and everyone’s focused on bathing suits and tank tops.

You get the idea!

For Families, Buy Bulk Items During Big Sales

All this advice means one thing if you’re an individual, but if you’re buying for the whole family, you’ll want to play it even smarter.

Say everyone needs an entire snowsuit, snowshoes, and snowboarding gear. Those costs will quickly add up.

Keep your eyes peeled for deals like “20% off your entire purchase” and buy all your gear in bulk, so you’re getting the most substantial possible discount. This is the perfect time to buy everything you need—the more you spend now, the more you save in the long run.

Get Your Outdoor Adventure Gear and Go Exploring

There you have it!

Using these tips, you should be able to find all the high-quality outdoor adventure gear you need without breaking the bank. Save more money and use it to go on fun tours, fly to new places, or maybe even buy a little extra!

Speaking of tours—we at Explore! know just how to make your gear work for you. We offer both ATV and snowmobile tours that are exciting for groups or individuals.

Contact us today to check out our availability or ask us any questions. We look forward to getting out into nature with you!

5 Company Outing Ideas That Are Anything but Boring

Everyone once in a while you need to reward your employees with a company outing day so they can have a bit of fun before heading back to work.

If you’re looking for company outing ideas, then you need to find something that is fun that your employees will enjoy doing.

One great way to get your team working together and having fun is to head to the outdoors!

Keep reading for our guide to five company outing ideas that are anything but boring.

1. Amusement Park

If you’re looking for a fun corporate outing event idea, then taking everyone to an amusement park for a day filled with fun is a great idea.

Your team will love walking around outside and getting fresh air. On the other hand, some of your braver coworkers will enjoy riding on the rides.

Don’t forget to get your favorite amusement park snack for lunch!

2. Get Sporty

Another great way to get your team working together and outside is by hosting their favorite type of sports game! You could all play a touch football match, basketball game, kickball game, or any other sports your team enjoys.

Make sure you go all out when it comes to picking teams, team names, and team colors!

Your employees can all get matching team shirts and come up with fun cheers to cheer their team on. You could even decorate the office the day after to celebrate the winning team.

3. ATV Tour

One way to really get your employees outside and having some fun is by taking them on an ATV tour. This is a great way to get away from the office and give your employees a day that they will always remember.

If you’re looking for an after-work function, then you can even BYOB. After your ATV tour, you can all sit back and enjoy your beverages together while bonding. Make sure to check out the ATV tour pricing and book your tour right away.

4. Outdoor Barbeque

Sometimes having a day away from the office can’t always happen but you can still give your employees a few hours outdoors. Throw an outdoor barbeque filled with hot dogs, hamburgers, and even fun games for your employees to play.

You could even do it potluck style and have people bring in a few salads or even yummy desserts.

Make sure to plan a few fun games that your employees can bond together over. Your team will love heading outdoors for a bit to have some fun during work.

5. Volunteer

Another great way to get your team outside and having fun away from the office is to volunteer together. Giving back to the community that you work in is a great way to create a bond within your team.

There are also plenty of ways that you can all volunteer outdoors. A few ways would be to plant flowers around the town, clean up trash in public areas, or even host a charity run.

Company Outing Ideas That Are Fun

So when it comes to deciding on the perfect company outing ideas there are plenty to choose from! Take a vote at your office and see which everyone’s favorite idea is and then go from there.

There are tons of things to do especially when it comes to the great outdoors.

If you’re near Beckwourth, California, then you’re going to want to make sure to check out everything we have to offer. Your employees will love spending the day with us!

Outdoor Bro Fun: Top 5 Best Places for Bachelor Parties

When it comes to weddings, the happy couple spends an average of about $250 per person on their wedding. They want you to have a blast! When it’s time to throw your best friend his bachelor party, make sure he has the time of his life too!

This is the last big party before the “I do’s.” Throw a party he’ll remember for all the right reasons.

Wondering where to book a place for the guys? Keep reading for the best places for bachelor parties.

1. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Head on down near the Continental Divide for an unforgettable weekend of skiing and fun. Jackson Hole is a sportsman’s paradise. Make it a winter ski vacation.

There’s also a lot more than skiing available. Take an outdoor sleigh ride and check out the elk. This 400-square-foot valley has gorgeous mountain views on all sides.

Try the Grand Targhee Resort for the ultimate ski vacation. You’ll enjoy the 2,000-acre ski area with three mountains for exploration. Don’t forget to try the Snowcat adventures!

This intimate ski lodge offers three lodges from which to choose. You’ll find an entertainment bar, along with retail shops.

Don’t own skis? No problem. You can rent everything when you get there.

2. Rancho Valencia’s 5-Star Experience in San Diego

Is your groom more interested in being out west at the beach? Try Rancho Valencia’s 5-star resort. Forbes travel guide lists it as one of the leading resort experiences in 2019.

Enjoy a laid-back weekend of tennis or hit the beach for surfing and fun in the sun. Spend a weekend getting buff at the gym and relaxing at the spa. Wine and dine your bro on grass-fed beef and try craft beer in the Pony Room.

3. Denver, Colorado

Colorado is known for its sunny weather and outdoor recreational activities. Love to bike? There are 80 miles of off-street bike baths for exploring the city.

If hiking is the groom’s jam, the state is home to over fifty 14,000-foot summits. Try Pike’s Peak in Colorado Springs, only 45 minutes from Denver.

Want to tell ghost stories over after-dinner drinks? Stay at The Stanley in Estes Park. Take the historic night tour and learn about the paranormal activity at this 100-year-old hotel.

4. ‘The Lost Sierra’ in Northern California

It’s hard beating what is known as “The Lost Sierra” in Northern California when it comes to the big outdoors. Go in the summer for sky diving, horseback riding, and fun on the lake. Hike the many mountain trails for some amazing views, and golf at award winning golf courses.

Looking to plan your party during the winter months? Find plenty of snow and have a blast taking a snowmobile tour. Looking for nightlife? Check out the many night clubs just a short drive away in Reno, NV.

5. Southern Hospitality in Charleston

Charleston is a charming coastal city in South Carolina. There’s plenty to do from golfing to kayaking.

Is your bro into architecture? Take him on a tour of an antebellum mansion.

Go on some adventure sightseeing, take a harbor tour, or check out an old plantation. Enjoy the fine dining and bar experiences throughout the city.

Some of the Best Places for Bachelor Parties

These are some of the best places for bachelor parties. Be bold and plan something epic for your bro’s last hurrah!

Whether he likes the beach or skiing, there’s something on this list for everyone’s taste. Take him to San Diego, California or head north to the famous “Lost Sierra”. He’ll have an unforgettable weekend to look back on.

Looking for other great adventures? Keep reading our blog!

Top 4 Things To Do Outdoors In The Sierra Nevada Mountains

Winter just might be the ideal time to get outside in the Sierra Nevada. While deep snow is piling up for skiers and snowboarders at higher altitudes, if you keep an eye on the weather you can still mix up your outdoor pursuits beyond the lifts. Plus, the crowds of summer tourists chasing water sports have long since vamoosed. Here’s how to squeeze in some multisport fun when you aren’t shredding powder!

Snowmobile The Beautiful Mountains

“It’s too cold outside to go snowmobiling” said no one!

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or super experienced, the Explore Sierra Touring Company snowmobile tours are one of the top excursions in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Even if you have a family, they can sit as your passenger if they are under 16! The whole family will still be able to experience the gorgeous outdoors. If you are looking to spot some beautiful wildlife, then you are in luck. Riders typically see anywhere from 2-10 different animals, and the scenery is breath-taking. Snowmobile around Lake Davis with our expert tour guides, and experience the adventure of a lifetime!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “My husband and I toured with Scott on a snowmobile tour. He was so nice, took his time to show us how to ride and operate the controls. It was so peaceful touring through the snow and trees and incredibly beautiful. Scott was very professional and even when we almost dumped the snowmobile onto it’s side around a turn he was cool as a cucumber and helped us get it back on trail.” – Dale Z.

Learn more >>

Outdoor Adventure in the Winter in the Lake Tahoe Area

Bike the Sierra’s Gravel Roads

Want to get in an easy spin to let your ski legs recover?

Winter is the perfect time of year to ride some of the Lake Tahoe area’s lower-elevation gravel roads and trails on your mountain bike or gravel/adventure bike (essentially mountain/road hybrids). If there’s too much snow above 5,000 feet, a typical winter outing for Tom Giller, lead mechanic at High Sierra Cycling in Reno, and his brothers involves heading south to Carson City and linking a mix of pavement and packed farm roads. (Scope your route on Trailforks.com.) But, for hero dirt wait for the snow below 6,000 feet along Highway 395 (to the north) to melt and then head out when the dirt refreezes. “It’s perfect frozen hardtack,” says Giller. “If you plan it correctly,” says Giller, “you’ll spend your time on ranch roads, gravel, and doubletrack.” Stop in at the shop for route advice. And don’t fear recent snow. “It gets mild quickly after storms,” says Giller. “We’ve had winters where we’ve ridden up high straight through February.”

Learn more >>

Bike the mountains in the winter

Run Donner Pass

The Donner Party? Getting lost in a storm and cannibalizing each other never seemed like much of a party to us. 

Better to head out on the same terrain for an hour-long winter run. The high-country running stays accessible longer than you might think—especially if you’re willing to run in studded “microspike” shoes or with Yaktrax (chains for your shoes). We have heard the Judah Loop is the best, and try to go way up high. It is the most fun! It’s about five to six miles, with views of Donner Lake, Castle Peak, and Sugar Bowl. If it’s too snowy, you can always head to lower-elevation meadows and run the boardwalks.

Learn more >>

Run Donner Pass in the winter in Lake Tahoe

Winter Fish For Golden Trout

Need to mix up the fishing between fly-casting and rod and reel to keep the family happy?

You’re not alone. And the Sierra has you covered. After November 15, most of the golden trout fisheries are closed for the season, but sections of the Kern River (it flows out of Sequoia National Park in the southern Sierra) remain open year round for catch and release (with barbless hooks only.) The kids can fish nearby reservoirs all year long. High Sierra Outfitters in Lone Pine will set you up with the right knowledge and gear for both. On the Western slope of the Sierra, the Kern River—just minutes away from Bakersfield and the parched Central Valley if you can believe that—breaks up into a trio of outstanding fisheries much like the East Walker. The South Fork and Lower Kern River give anglers a chance at a rare grand slam, while the North Fork Kern River gives anglers a shot at whopper rainbows above Kernville.

We hope you enjoy staying outdoors! It is so gorgeous, and there is no reason not to enjoy it! ❄️

Thank You from Explore Sierra Touring Company