Exploring Nature: 5 Senior Outdoor Activities

Did you know that people aged over 65 are the most sedentary of all age groups? Of course, there are a lot of reasons for this. As you get older, you might find getting up and out simply becomes physically harder. But that doesn’t make it impossible!

While you might not be able to go for a lengthy run or a 5-mile bike ride, there are still plenty of outdoor activities that are perfect as you get older. Just make sure you choose something that’s going to work for your body.

Find out more with our guide to senior outdoor activities.

1. Go For a Picnic

When it comes to outdoor activities for seniors in nursing homes or living alone, picnics are brilliant. They’re a great way to get outdoors without overdoing it and can be a lovely social event too. Be sure to check out some outdoor games for senior citizens to turn your picnic into a party!

2. Get Outside & Take A Tour

If you’d love to spend more time doing outdoor activities for adults but you’re not so steady on your feet anymore, what about a driven tour? There are tons that can get you outside, from open-top bus tours around cities to amazing senior snowmobile tours that are certain to get the blood pumping! They’re a great way to get some fresh air and do something different with your day while not being too physically demanding.

3. Start Gardening

When the weathers a little warmer, take advantage of your garden if you have one by starting a little gardening. This is a great activity that’s kind to the body, and you can make your gardening days as gentle as you like. If you have limited mobility, be sure to call in some assistance from friends or family to help make the task a little easier and a lot more fun.

4. Join in on a Fishing Trip

Fishing is a lovely way to get outside and enjoy some sunshine. If you don’t think you can control the boat yourself, bring along some family or friends who can and make a fun, social day out of it. You could also see if there are any local fishing groups in your local area that you can join, helping you keep up a vibrant social life.

5. Try Swimming

One of the best outdoor and indoor activities for seniors is swimming. Whether going to the local outdoor swimming pool or heading to your local indoor pool on a rainy day, it’s a great way to keep your body moving that’s less demanding on your joints. Swimming is a low-impact sport that you can take at your own speed, and can even help improve mobility!

Find More Senior Outdoor Activities

Once you start looking for senior outdoor activities, you’ll see there are actually a lot of options! For more inspiration, be sure to check out our snowmobile and ATV adventure tours that aren’t physically demanding. If you’re looking for special-occasion outdoor activities for residents or for yourself, these seated tours are the perfect idea.