How to Ride an ATV

Getting set for an ATV adventure? With the popularity of ATVs booming and the availability of ATV parks and trails at its peak, it’s no wonder. The worldwide ATV market is expected to reach 1.92 billion by 2030 so we don’t blame you for wanting to see what all the fuss is about.

Before you jump on though, there are a few things you’ll need to know to prepare yourself for riding an ATV. Find out how to ride an ATV, from before you even step foot on the clutch to zipping around the trails with ease.

Preparing To Ride An ATV

Before you even put the key in the ignition, you need to make sure you’ve got the right safety gear. To start off with, get yourself boots, goggles, gloves, and a helmet. All of these will reduce the chance of you being seriously injured if you do have an accident.

If it’s your very first time riding an ATV, you should also look into taking a safety course and at the very least, read the ATV owner’s manual. While no doubt some of the least interesting reading material you’ll read this year, the manual will have operating instructions, ATV riding tips, and points on what you should and shouldn’t do with the ATV.

Lastly, some states require ATV registration, permits, or licensing. Take some time to review what is required in your state before you hit the road.

How To Ride An ATV

Now that you’re all geared up, it’s time to start your engine.

The first step is to put the key into the ignition and turn it to get started. Next, you’ll need to press the start button which is usually located on the right of the handlebars. Let the engine run for a minute or two to warm up and up to 5 minutes before setting off if the weather is cool.

To get going, pull the clutch and set the engine into neutral. This is where you’ll return to shift gears as you increase speed. You can engage the clutch and shift gears using your left foot.

Keep in mind that while in neutral, the ATV can move forward so you’ll need to use the break. The levers on the right and left sides of the handlebars will control the brakes of the ATV. The right side controls the rear brakes, while the left side controls the front.

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Now that you’ve read through this ATV riding guide and got the basics down, it’s time to test out your skills. But don’t worry about remembering everything. All our ATV tours include riding instructions, safety equipment, ATV riding tips, and time to practice before we head off to explore.

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