The Top 5 Absolute Best ATV Trails in the US

Are you looking to embark on the road less traveled? With almost 3.8 million square miles of the most varied terrain on the planet, its no surprise that the US is home to some of the world’s most epic ATV trails.

Let’s zoom in on 5 of the best.

The Paiute ATV Trails, Utah

The Paiute ATV trails of south-central Utah form the largest trail system in the whole of the USA

Over 1000 miles of trails make up the Paiute ATV trails. The main trail is a whopping 238 miles long.

You will pass through a number of towns along the way, where you can indulge in a sit-down meal and a night in a hotel if you need To fully recharge your batteries.

Due to the vast differences in terrain, some of the trails close seasonally, so be sure to check ahead. And be sure to pack for the weather!

Ocala National Forest, Florida

The Ocala National Forest, located in central Florida, just north of Orlando, offers some of the most picturesque ATV trails in the US.

With over 200 miles of ATV trails, the Ocala National Forest is open all year round.

With 600 lakes, springs, and rivers where you can stop and take a swim, Ocala National Forest is home to abundant wildlife and unique animal habitats that you won’t see anywhere else.

Ride Royal Blue Resort, Tennessee

200,000 acres and 600 miles of trails, and its all privately owned! Located in the east of Tennessee, the trails of the Ride Royal Blue Resort are open all year round.

The difficulty of the trails here ranges from leisurely to some of the most technically challenging trails across the whole of the US

No matter what your reason for riding, the Ride Royal Blue Resort caters for everyone.

The Lost Sierra, California

Located in the north of the Golden State, The Lost Sierra contains wagon trail created by settlers in the 1800s, and acres of gorgeous mountainsides.

The trails are generally open all year round but occasionally close after notable rainfall to allow for the trails to dry.

The trails take you through acres of pine forests to breathtaking mountain vistas.

Maine’s Trail Systems

The US’s northeasternmost state is an ATV’ers dream come true.

Already home to over 6,000 miles of ATV trails, Maine’s trail system is still growing.

Trails range from pine groves to vast open plains. Rugged mountain paths to speed tracks.

The land belongs to different private landowners so it’s important to check which trails are open and when.

Maine is a super ATV friendly state. There are a number of lodges throughout the state, and a large number of them offer ATV rentals.

Time to Hit the Trail

America is home to countless ATV trails. Hopefully, these five ATV trails will help you get started no matter your riding ability.

Don’t forget to check each trail’s requirements before setting off, and always respect the environment.

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