Top 3 States for the Best Off-Road ATV Trails

There are thousands of incredible ATV trails carving their way through stunning scenery throughout the US. We all have our favorites that offer the ultimate ride and amazing memories.

Now you want to find the best off-road ATV trails to escape and explore for your next trip. But which states have the best collection of epic off-road ATV trails?

Check out this quick guide to the top 3 states for the best off-road ATV trails in the US to find out – you may be surprised!


You guessed it, the king of desert trails and dramatic canyons, Arizona has some of the best off road ATV adventures to enjoy. With pretty-much guaranteed sunshine all year round, you can pull up with your ATV trailer any day. Some of the highest-rated ATV trails are as follows:

  • Arizona Peace Trail, Quartzsite
  • Boulders OHV Area, Peoria
  • Cinder Hills OHV Area, Flagstaff
  • Hot Wells Dunes Recreation Area, Stafford
  • Bulldog Canyon OHV Area, Phoenix
  • Box Canyon OHV Area, Florence


Rated the most beautiful state in the US, you can’t beat a trip into the natural landscapes of California. From sun-drenched coastal sands to the lush green woodland oases, there are plenty of breathtaking locations for enjoying offroading in your ATV.

Cali is famous for its top-rated ATV tours on some of the best ATV trails in the US. Some of these include:

  • Imperial Sand Dunes, El Centro
  • Ballinger Canyon, Cuyama
  • Ocotillo Wells, Ocotillo Wells
  • Indian Springs, Soda Springs
  • Jawbone Canyon, Cantil
  • Johnson Valley OHV Trail, Lucerne Valley


From the snow-capped mountains to the deepest canyons and vast grasslands, Nevada hosts some of the most impressive landscapes in the country. Lucky for us ATV riders, that also means a collection of awesome ATV trails to explore!

If you check out the ATV trails maps in Nevada, you’ll see that they wind and weave through some adventurous territory. Some of these are not for the faint-hearted, so bring your ATV with a trailer to be safe.

Some of the best ATV trails to check out in this stunning state are:

  • Logandale Trails, Logandale
  • Moon Rocks, Reno
  • Amargosa Big Dune, Amargosa
  • Black Rock, Gerlach
  • Eldorado Canyon, Dayton
  • Cold Creek, Las Vegas

Before You Go

Now that you know the top 3 states with the best off-road ATV trails, here are a few tips before you head out on your next adventure.

If you’re bringing your own ride, make sure you get a good quality trailer to haul your ATV. If you’re not quite at the stage of owning your own, no worries. There are plenty of ATV adventures you can join for a hassle-free experience.

Make sure you choose the correct ATV for your skill level or age and always wear your helmet. Protect your eyes and hands with goggles and gloves and don’t forget your long pants and boots for a more comfortable ride.

Experience the Top ATV Trails in the US

Here in the US, we’re lucky to have some of the most incredible ATV trails in the world. Arizona, California, and Nevada host the best selections of off-road ATV trails in a variety of landscapes to suit every interest.

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