What To Wear On An ATV Tour

Did you just book an ATV Tour, or are considering going on an ATV tour? Congrats! But, what should you wear while riding? Are you in a cold climate, or a warm climate? The easy answer is to wear what makes you feel comfortable, but there are some pros and cons to your wardrobe decisions. We think comfort should always be the number one thing to look for when riding ATVs, meaning that a pair of shorts, a cotton t-shirt or tabk top, and comfortable sneakers may be the perfect fit.  At Explore! Sierra, we do require that you wear a helmet. But, have you always wanted to look like a “Pro”, there are certain pieces that can make sure that you are protected, and looking good!

ATV Casual Clothing vs. ATV “Pro-Gear”

Pros of wearing Casual clothing when riding:

  • Clothing is generally super comfy which allows you to focus on what’s ahead
  • You do not need to buy anything because you already have the stuff to wear
  • Might be a necessity if you find that track clothing is way too hot for your body

Cons of wearing casual clothing when riding:

  • Unless you have a shirt made from special fabrics with sweat absorption, casual clothing is inferior when it comes to perspiration and ventilation control
  • Provides inferior protection and materials which are either too heavy (jeans) or too light (undershirts) for an optimal riding experience
  • You may get home and realize that your favorite cotton Tee is now forever dirt stained (the trails can kick up mud and lots of dust)

Pros of wearing ATV riding gear when riding:

  • Superior protection from bumps, dirt, branches, sun, you name it. Having ATV boots, goggles, and helmet(which we provide) will always ensure that you are safer in case of an accident
  • If you have the “need for speed”, a riding chest protector is never a bad idea! Some of these vests are fairly inexpensive, and also look great
  • For youth, controlling internal temp is as important as staying hydrated; we love the simple moisture-wicking shirts by O’Neil
  • ATV gear or clothing might be mandatory if you live in colder climates; nobody wants to be caught riding at 16C wearing a pair of flip-flops and some sweatpants

Cons of wearing ATV riding gear when riding:

  • If you go above and beyond with your Pro ATV gear purchases, then it may not be worth it unless you will be riding an ATV more than once a year
  • If you are going on a ride in a hot climate, some of the gear may feel heavy and hot
  • If you do not have access to a local outdoor shop, you may have to return items purchased online many times until you find the right fit

What NOT To Wear When Riding ATVs

We recommend not wearing anything too bulky because that may get in the way of your ability to quickly maneuver on the trails. We also do not recommend wearing belts, they can get very uncomfortable during a two or three hour ATV Tour. You CAN wear flip flops, but we do not recommend it. It is much more comfortable to wear a pair of sneakers, and not to mention cleaner for your feet! Lastly, please make sure that you are not wearing any clothing that is too tight, or doesn’t fit. Your Dad or husbands oversize sweatshirt will not fair well because it is too loose.

Recommended Riding Clothing And Gear When Riding ATVs

We highly recommend wearing long pants, and a breathable long sleeve shirt. This will defend your skin against sun damage, tree branches, and dirt and mud. You must wear a helmet (don’t worry we provide one), and we also provide a bandanna because there is a fair amount of dust that kicks up.

Wear a bandanna on your ATV Tour

Here is a quick list of “what you should wear” on your ATV Tour:

  • Closed Toe Shoes
  • Jeans or Long Pants
  • Long-Sleeved Shirt
  • Gloves
  • Sunscreen

Feel comfortable with your wardrobe needs? Request your ATV Tour Date now!