Who Are Y-O-U?

Who Are Y-O-U?

We are proud to offer ATV Tours for up to 40 of your employees! Our rides have been proven to stimulate ideas, shift perspectives, build loyalty, and cement bonds.                                                         

In the “screen-time” world we live, it is so important to put the phone down and “get outside”. Fresh air, exciting experiences, and adrenaline have been proven to boost moods, and stimulate productivity!
Throttle: “A device controlling the flow of fuel or power to an engine.”
Therapy: “Healing power or quality.”
Throttle Therapy: “The healing quality of controlling the flow of power to an engine!”

1. Admission to the Sierra Valley History Museum
2. ATV Safety Orientation and Operation
3. Helmet, eye protection, and gloves for everyone
4. 2 hour guided tour of the 1500 acre Diamond S. Ranch
5. 27 miles of purpose-built trails with spectacular views of the beautiful Sierra Valley
6. Delicious Santa-Maria-style tri-tip BBQ meal cooked on the superb Big Green Egg upon return to the Barn
7. Custom add-ons available upon request

It builds morale. The time away from the office will make your employees more excited and productive upon returning to work. It genuinely forges bonds between your employees. When you spend time at the corporate retreat, your employees will participate in common activities they can talk about when normal work life resumes. This allows them to genuinely get to know each other better and develop friendships based on shared experiences. This new found common ground will also increase their attachment to your company as an organization, decreasing expensive turnover rates. The retreat environment is the perfect place to develop creativity, team work, problem-solving, and other valuable skills that result in increased productivity(and profits) for your company.

“Our employees had an excellent time. It has been an experience talked about for weeks after our retreat. The Diamond S. Ranch provided the exact “out-of-pocket” roundtable discussion we needed after our ATV tour. Ken and Kathy were incredible hosts, and we have recommend all of our partners to their Corporate Retreat Program. 5 stars.” – Atlantis Casino Resort Spa Coordinator

Our ATV and Snowmobile wedding party excursions are California’s hidden gem for crazy party outings! Sharing an adrenaline rush with a group of friends is a bonding experience like no other. Go ahead…take the road less traveled…we promise epic stories will be told!

Whether your group is experienced “roughing it” in the outdoors or not, it can still be an excellent time to take them on an ATV or Snowmobile. The great part about these tours is that you have no neighbors or noise complaints to worry about (note: convincing strippers to attend is going to be a hard sell). Some challenges you may encounter while out on your tour is limited (to no) access to wifi…so leave the fiancé at home, and truly enjoy the thrill of the throttle!

Bring your own fancy booze. No matter what you’re doing for the bachelor party, there is nothing better than enjoying a nice sipper after a kick a*** ride. The Diamond S. Ranch has the “Itchy” Back Saloon where brides and grooms can enjoy their “adult beverages” in style. Store before you go, enjoy when you get back!

Enjoying 1500 acres of ATV trail riding, among 27 miles of custom trails just for our Explore! Tour Riders…is just what the groom ordered! You may encounter a deer, or two, or even a “cuddly” bear, but there is nothing better than getting to the top of the mountain and enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime trap shoot. Enjoy up to 25 round each or more, and then head back for our famous Tri-Tip BBQ, and relax at the “Itchy Back Saloon”. Want to book a band to come to the Diamond S Ranch? No problem! Just let us know so we can help coordinate!

The Diamond S. Ranch offers multiple remote camp sites with access to hiking, and mountain bike trails! The great part about camping, backpacking, etc. is that you have no neighbors or noise complaints to worry about.

Explore! Sierra Touring Company is open 7 days a week, and currently we offer two tours a day; 10am and 1pm.

Never been on an ATV or Snowmobile before? You are not alone! No worries…we offer a full instructional session before every tour. Our team hold safety to the highest standard, and are sure to help each rider feel comfortable before we hit the trail. If you have any questions along the ride, our tour guides are there to help when needed!

If you are looking to experience a 2 hour ATV or Snowmobile excursion, it will cost $175 to be the driver. It will be an additional $75 to add a passenger (or if you want to be the passenger). We also have a 3 hour ATV and Snowmobile tour available, and that is $185 for the driver and $85 for the passenger.

Yes! From beautiful birds, small woodland creatures, deer, and sometimes the occasional bear (no need to be afraid), our tours have a great wildlife encounter rate! Our tour guide takes you to a spot on the tour where you are guaranteed a “sighting”. Just beautiful…

Of course! Please let us know 48 hours in advance to guarantee a 100% refund!

Similar to a group outing, Explore! Sierra Touring Company loves to take out our seniors on beautiful outdoor ATV and/or Snowmobile rides! Each Senior Living facility has their own event schedule, and for the more adventurous community members, a tour among the beautiful Sierra Valley may be just what the doctor ordered!

The Explore! team has a CPR certified and trained staff person on-site at all times. In case of emergency, the nearest hospital is a short distance from the Diamond S. Ranch.

The short answer is no! We find that our Senior Living groups sometimes are MORE adventurous than our Millennials! HA…we have a training orientation before an ATV or Snowmobile excursion, so we ensure safety for the entire adventure. No one heads out on the trail without feeling 100% confident they are ready to go!

Currently, we can facilitate up to 40 individuals on the tour. If your Center is interested, please call or email for further inquiries or special requests!

Corporate Team Building Available

We love to work with your team leaders to create an unforgettable experience for your group. We have found that just the experience alone is enough to cement bonds and build morale. We are also lucky to have a Life Coach, Jessica Smith, RN to provide additional inspiration if desired. Just let us know what you need. We are here to make your corporate retreat a success!

Bonding Time Or Bragging Rights

Do you need to schedule bonding time with friends, family, or co-workers? Maybe you would like to earn unique bragging rights? Is throttle therapy on your bucket list? Explore! Sierra Touring Company is the place to do it. Trust us. You will have an experience that you and your companions will never forget. It is our great pleasure to serve up this unforgettable adventure just for you!

Reno, Tahoe, Sac, & The Bay Area

Centrally located, our ranch sits right in the transition zone between the Sierra Nevada Mountain range and the beauty of the high desert. Whether you are ripping it up in the flats, hitting the curves on the mountain, or just enjoying the amazing scenery all around you, our tours have it all – for someone who has never sat on an ATV before…to the advanced Snowmobile shredder!


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An Outdoor Venue 45 Minutes from Reno & Tahoe!

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We Love Our Active Senior Community Tours! Experience The Outdoors, And Check An Item Off The Bucket List!

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