Winter Getaways: How to Plan the Ultimate Snowmobile Trip

There are two types of people in this world: those who escape the cold weather and those who thrive in it. 

If you’re the latter, you should consider hitting up the best snowmobile trails for your next winter weekend getaway. 

Snowmobiling is a great outdoor activity with many physical and mental health benefits. A day on the trails will trump any day in front of the screen. 

Check out how to plan the ultimate snowmobile trip for you and your loved ones right here. 

Decide Where to Go

The ultimate make-or-break decision. Do you go somewhere familiar or do you hit up someplace new? 

Montana and Wyoming are snowmobiling meccas with endless pristine trails and majestic wildlife. 

But you can’t pass on the Sierra mountains. Running around the eastern edge of California, the Sierra Nevada mountain range is perfect for the novice and the expert alike. 

With over 180 miles of designated snowmobile trails, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to get you here. 

Create an Itinerary

Now it’s time to create an itinerary and decide your route. First, determine whether you want to embark on a multi-day trip or a single-day ride.

Planning a multi-day trip involves booking accommodation stops based on how many miles you want to cover daily. You’ll also need to consider overnight snowmobile storage and map out refueling stations. 

Single-day snowmobile trips are the most popular option among holidaymakers. Most tour operators offer two or three-hour guided tours with an option to hire out some gear too. 

The Ultimate Sled Pack List

If you’re heading out solo you’re going to need to pack and pack well. There’s nothing worse than freezing to death in the middle of nowhere because you forgot a spare pair of thermals. 

Be sure to pack: 

  • Plenty of food and water
  • Radio 
  • Portable phone charger 
  • Avalanche beacon 
  • Waterproof gear 
  • Tow straps 
  • Tools 
  • Offline maps (in case your service cuts out)
  • Shovel 

And remember to keep your cell phone dry and warm. This is your lifeline in the case of an emergency. 

Plan For the Unexpected

No matter how much you plan, unexpected things are bound to happen along the way.

Bringing the right gear, planning out your route, booking accommodation, and marking down refueling stations is the best way to prepare yourself if something doesn’t go your way. 

Also, ensure the riders in your group have a GPS system and backup compass if they get separated. 

Your Ultimate Snowmobile Trip Guide

Pack yourself, your partner, or your family into the car and start that long-awaited winter getaway you’ve been dreaming of! 

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