Your ATV Safety Guide for Beginners

Are you psyched to rip through some paths on four wheels just for the thrill? Or interested in making your hunting outing more efficient and exhilarating? 

An ATV (all-terrain vehicle) trip is just what you need. But if you’re new to the game, what’s most important is maintaining proper ATV safety. 

Here you can find the top three things you should keep in mind before you hop on the ATV and start your adventure. It certainly would not be fun to wind up bloody and bruised after your first trip!

1. Protect Your Noggin

It may seem silly or old, but it’s important to wear a helmet whenever you’re on an ATV (or skateboard, bike, rollerblades, etc.) 

Protecting your head is one of, if not the most, important element of ATV safety. A helmet has been proven to protect your brain from significant damage in collisions, which are more than likely if it’s your first time riding an ATV. 

Make sure you equip yourself properly by wearing one as well as wearing the right kind. A bicycle helmet won’t cut it here! 

Motorsports helmets are the proper type of headgear needed for ATV adventures. 

2. Get Prepped Properly

Another key part of proper ATV safety is getting properly prepared. 

More often than not, wherever you decide to hop on an ATV you’ll first need to take a training course. Sometimes this will mean paying an extra fee to take the course and other times wherever you go has a training course included. 

Most training classes are provided by the ATV Safety Institute or the National 4-H Council if you’re searching for one.

During these courses, you’ll normally get some hands-on experience as well as crucial protective gear tips. That’s why it’s especially important to go through some training before your first real trip. 

3. Be a Lone Rider

Finally, it’s important to only take the correct number of people on a given ATV unit. 

Most ATVs are only built to adequately and safely support one person at a time. Taking any more than the proper number creates a huge safety hazard because of the nature of ATV riding. 

Someone could easily fall, hurt their leg, or get some serious whiplash depending on what you’re doing. Respecting the limit on how many people can be on an ATV is the best way to avoid these types of situations. 

Besides, it’s more fun when you only have to worry about yourself! 

ATV Safety First!

Now you’ve got the top three most important ATV safety tips. If you’re embarking on an adventure soon, make sure you make a mental note of these three practices!

Of course, there are more things you ought to keep in mind, but most of them you’ll learn in a safety course, so what are you waiting for? Find one today!

If you’re ready to take a step into the wild, let us guide you! We offer ATV tours that are guaranteed to provide you with some serious throttle therapy. 

Get ready to have some fun and contact us today!