Your Outdoor Adventure Guide to Kid’s ATV Safety

Did you know that in the year 2020, over 300 thousand new ATVs were sold? The all-terrain vehicle market is valued at $2 billion annually and is expected to reach $12 billion by the year 2027! With this ever-increasing market, more and more kids are likely going to be joining the craze, and keeping them safe should be priority number one. An ATV adventure is great fun for the whole family. Read the guide below for some crucial kid’s ATV safety tips.

Speed Limiter

There are on average 700 ATV fatalities in the US each year, with a third of these being kids under the age of 16. Most of these fatalities can be attributed to reckless speeding.

Most kids don’t see the dangers of going too fast. Make sure the ATV that you buy them has a limit on the maximum speed they can go. This will ensure they don’t speed up and can curb fatalities.

Never Drive on Paved Roads

An ATV should always be driven on a dirt road and never on a public road. Other vehicles become a danger on public roads and can accidentally hit an ATV.

The only exception is when you need to cross a public road. ATVs are designed to be offroad vehicles and that is where they are best suited for.

Supervise Younger Riders

The best way to keep kids in check is to make sure you accompany them when they want to go out riding. Make sure you set a good example and don’t drive recklessly yourself.

Kids will learn to be responsible this way and when they have a little bit of your trust you can start to let them slowly ride alone or in a group of other kids. Make sure they always understand the risks and dangers involved with driving a powerful machine.

Kid’s ATV Safety: Dot Compliant Riding Gear

Owning good riding gear can make all the difference when an accident occurs. Without riding gear, the injuries will be far more severe and can be the difference between dying or surviving.

Make sure the child has a dot-compliant helmet, that will make sure it has been properly tested and meets safety standards. The other equipment you should invest in is goggles, tough ankle boots, a chest and neck protector, long sleeve riding shirt, riding pants, and a good pair of gloves.

Safety Is Priority Number One

Riding a kid’s ATV and going on ATV tours is lots of fun for kids and for the whole family. Riders’ safety should be your number one priority and should never be compromised. Respecting speed limits and user safety should be taught to kids from a young age.

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